Heritage's PINTA LARA

I went to the said exhibit held at Leyte Park last night and lo and behold, my "painting" was included! I couldn't actually believe it when Dante told me he would like to join my work for the exhibit. I didn't know that the painting would even look half as good.
I've always looked upon my work as amateur-ish...more like the work of a little child who has just learned the joys of watercolors and pen manipulation.
If you compare my work to Dante's
or even of Madame Dulz I know you'll get what I mean.
Oh well, I'm just starting out. This maybe my first and last.
I realized last night that I officially hate crowds. Crowds makes me feel like I'm trapped in a box and I'm loosing air.
My guts probably went with my placenta! Look how I'm ill at ease I am with the camera when I used to be a camwhore.
And Wakit keeps getting into the shot!


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