Kimberly Parducho
I have ordered contact lenses from her for more than three years already. At times she doesn't reply to my inquiries even if I have already sent the money but I still get to receive the geo contact lenses I ordered from her.
This year, tides have changed. I was so gullible that I fell for her bag of tricks twice.

I sent her 2, 500 on January for 5 contact lenses. They were all preordered so I was willing to wait. She was persistent and often asked me if I have already sent the money. Once I did send her the money she stopped texting me. She would often do this to me before so it was just fine for me.
After 3 days of texting and calling her, I decided to post a message in her FB account. I posted a message on her FB online shop too. It was there that I read a message from one of her customers asking where there lenses are. Alarm bells went off my head and I started doing my research on her online. 
I decided to report her to Gcash. I asked Gcash  to freeze her account and they did! Kim asked me to request Gcash to open her account again which was really difficult. I put in lots of hours talking from one agent to another and even to their supervisor to no avail. It was impossible!
The gcash supervisor said that they will be sending me a form instead to be notarized so I can get my refund.
During those times we were in constant communication. She was now the one who was calling me and texting me for updates. We compromised. She will send me the products and when I received it I will pay her. She sent me 2 contact lenses( right prescription, wrong style) but this didn't include the usual lens container and solution.
After I sent her the payment she told me that the rest of my order has arrived and if I am still interested she will send it to me. I sent her the money and until now she never did. I tried texting her, calling her emailing her. And if Laguna is in the same island as Leyte I would have already knocked at the door of her house or got her blottered.
She has already deleted me from her FB account. Luckily, when I posted a message on her wall, a duped client of hers messaged me saying that we have the same situation and that there are many others there who were also fooled by Kim Parducho.
I was invited to their FB page . It is nice to have a support group.
If you have been conned by Kimberly Parducho, please leave a message because the group is now on the processes of pressing charges.


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