Product name: Garnier Skin Naturals Light Pure Lemon Essence+Micro-beads Intensive Brightening Scrub

What it promises:

  •  Immediate anti-dullness action
  • Quick lather, quick rinse
How to use:
Gently massage on wet face. Rinse with water. Avoid eye contour.

I am not a big fan of facial washes/scrub because I always felt that a regular soap can do the same job. Since my face was starting to have micro peelings plus the dull color, I decided to scout the local supermarket for something to address my problem.

I was contemplating on buying either L'oreal (high priced), Celeteque ( no promises so I wasn't swayed much) and Garnnier. Garnier particularly sold me out because it says that:
  • they are the leading European natural beauty brand
  • uses whenever possible carefullly extracted nature-based active ingredients
  • dermatologically tested on Asian skin
  • efficacy of their product is proven
Who wouldn't want to buy this? For a 50 ml bottle, I paid only around 80php!

What I like about this product is:  
  • The tangy smell of lemon.  Just by smelling it I feel happy, relaxed and super clean. 
  • It isn't heavily microbeaded so I don't really worry about my skin getting dry.
  • I think also that my skin has started to look less dull and oily.
Would I still buy it or recommend to my friends? Definitely! I love the product!


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