Product Review of Champion Detergent

This product review of Champion Detergent stems from my own hand washing experience.(Yes, I'm now a domestic diva! And I can't believe it as well!)

You only need a small amount of Champion detergent powder to create suds. I believe it is a strong formula. Left Yumi's uniform for a few hours and it only took a few scrubbing to get the stains on the neck out.

However, my hand felt so dry that even if I have put on moisturizer it didn't help. Day 2, my hand was so itchy. Now it is day 3 and there is micropeeling. I wonder if I make a solution and apply it to my entire body, soak in it for a few hours if I will also micropeel. That would be more effective than kojic acid or papaya soap.

Overall, my product review for Champion Detergent is it's worth every peso but you need gloves to protect your pretty hands.


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