Hallo Hallo Mall Freebie and Scam!

I read from a fellow blogger that when you register at www.Hallohallomall.com you will get 300 points for free. One point is equivalent to 1 php ergo you get 300php to spend on anything you want on the site, shipping fee included.

After browsing a lot of items, I decided to purchase a friendship bracelet and coconut shell earrings from Peruvian shop.

I chose the friendship bracelet because I love making them and I am on a continuous search of good raw materials for it. I find embroidery floss expensive while crochet threads easily frays. I found out this friendship bracelet is made of semi-plastic material similar to the ones used for roosters during bulangs. So I am planning to go to Cebu to look for this material.

The coconut shell earring was so unique that I just have to buy it. When I tried it on, I had problems with the lock because it is just like a coconut midrib stick.

Anyhoo, I am happy with my purchase since it arrived at my doorstep within 24hours! I just wish I consumed all my 300 points coz my account is now left with 50 points. I am continually trying to increase this  by logging in daily and playing random games.

If you are going to purchase on Hallo Hallo Mall, buy from one shop only to save on shipping costs.

Drop by this site now and get your freebies!

UPDATE 12/22/2012
I've been receiving a lot of negative comments about Hallohallo site recently. If you are planning to purchase from this site be wary. A lot of people have commented in this post that they have been sccammed and duped by this company.

According to the "victims" they have a bad customer service with lots of orders either canceled or undelivered. Be careful guys!

UPDATE 12/30/2012
While browsing if Arnold Clavio is the owner of Hallo Hallo Mall, I discovered that there are many victims to  their scams. Who is helping these people?

Here are some notable comments from www.lakambini.org:
from www.lakambini.org



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