Rent a Timeshare in Cebu's Casa Del Mar

I'm currently planning a long overdue hiatus. So I surfed the net for great places to bum around for a couple of days.

Since I am a recessionista, I was in the look out for great deals. I stumbled upon the concept of time share rentals at RedWeek. It seems that this has been around for ages.

Usually, a group of people would share the ownership of a property. They then decide on which time of the year they can use the property for themselves. A lot of people wanted to earn more from this arrangement so the concept of timeshare rentals was born.

With this method, you can experience luxury at a minimal cost. Take for example Cebu's Casa Del Mar. With just a quarter of the actual booking price you can get to relax and experience its white sand beaches. You can play golf and enjoy the resort's other amenities without paying for the actual price. This is a great deal for a cheapskate like me!


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