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I'm a stingy person, but if there is something that I occassionally splurge on it is my beauty essentials.

I'm a big believer of Helena Rubensteins mantra which is .... 
This is what indolence does to your skin- check out my dark aread due to recently popped zits. Some of them lightened over time but there are still visible discoloration and scarring until now.

But we all have our lazy days right? It is embarassing to admit, but I often go to sleep without washing my face. The end result is an awful it on my face the next day. From a reddish bump it would then fill up with pus that is so tempting to prick and pop.

This 2013, I vow to do the extra mile. I am hoping to make these resolutions into a habit:
1. Avoid touching my face.
2. Wash and tone my face before I sleep.
3. Moisturize.
4. Wear SPF.
5. Never pop a zit.

Acne is such a dreadful thing. Your face gets covered by pus filled pimples and when you pop it, it leaves scars on your face. Woe to those who have moon craters on their face. I don't want that to happen to me.

Apparently, it it cannot be cured because it is genetics. It can be controlled though and according to some testimonials I read recently, Proactiv seems to be an excellent way to control its perennial cycle.

They have a 30-day kit which you can use. It already has a cleanser, toner and a repairing treatment. They also have other products to use adjunctively. Because it is really effective, they even gamble with a money back guarantee.

Check out their site:

Proactiv Solution is available in the following outlets:
    1. Door to Door delivery Hotlines (729-2222, 1-800-8-729-8888, 1-800-10-889-4444, 0917-801-8888)
    2. Proactiv mall kiosks:
                                               i.         Glorietta, Ground Floor
                                             ii.         Trinoma, 2nd Floor
                                            iii.          Robinsons Galleria, 3rd Floor
                                            iv.         Marquee Mall, Ground Floor
    1. Proactiv Online Shop:

Proactiv Kit has the following items:

Step 1 - Renewing Cleanser
Step 2  - Revitalizing Toner
Step 3 - Repairing Treatment 
FREE - Refining Mask
Face the Facts Booklet

Proactiv 30 Day Kit: P2495 | Proactiv 60 Day Kit: P3995

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