RareJob Tutor Gathering

Moshi moshi!

Sorry for my late post. I've been deprived of internet connection for so long. I only get to update when there is a free wifi like now.

Last Sunday, December 9, was the 16th Rare Job Tutor Gathering at Harold's Hotel in Cebu City. It was my first and the only familiar face I saw there was of Sir Semacio aka Tutor Bunny.

The tables had a ready pen and pencil for the ice breakers.
The hosts were so funny. No need to hire for a comedian.
Say Hello to Kato-san.
Kato-san was the most photographed in the event.
The food was delish! Since it was a buffet, you can still have seconds. I even went home with packed food because there were lots of left overs. Seems like some tutors chose Pacquaio's fight over the gathering.
This is a star shaped cookie personally handed out by Kato-san. I forgot about this already. (NOTE TO SELF: Must look for it in my cavernous bag and eat it.)

This is a cute tumbler I received after winning one ice breaker.
This is the token which we all went home with. It is a notebook and a pen emblazoned with the Rarejob name on it.

I can't wait for the next tutor gathering. Why?
1. Great gifts. They gave away iPod shuffle and a Cannon digicam.
2. Tutor awards. I hope I'll get to receive one net time but logging in for 100 hours per month is tough. I don't know if I can manage it.

I just hope that the next tutor gathering is closer to home.


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