Recessionista: Japanese School Girl

I was crossing the street a few days ago when the traffic officer asked me where I was studying. I was giddy with laughter the whole day with that thought.

Here I was in my twenties and he still thinks I was heading out to pencil push. I blame it on my Japanese school girl look.

Thrifted white blouse:     50Php
Thrifted schoolgirl skirt:  50Php
Thrifted black stockings: 50 Php
Thrifted shoes:                100 Php
Total cost of the outfit:    250 Php

Update May 2013
Here is another version of this:

Thrifted Gold Blouse:        50Php
Thrifted Black Coat:         50Php
Thrifted Black Stockings:  50Php
Thrifted Brown Boots:     100Php
Gifted Bag


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