Happy New Year's Superstition

Filipino's are a superstitious bunch. If you want to acquire only good luck and blessings this 2013, here are some superstitions you must do:

1.Make a lot of noise.

As the clock strikes 12 in the morning, bring out the fireworks and bang your pots to drive away the eveil spirits and bad luck in your household.

2. 12 sweet tasting round fruits.

There is a debate whether it should be 12 or 13 pieces of round fruits to be prepared on New Year's Day.There is even an article  saying it should be 8 fruits only. Twelve represents for the 12 months in a year. Thriteen  is a lucky number for the Chinese while 8 is the symbol for infinity. The round shape signifies coins or prosperity for the coming New Year.
To save, buy or pick indigenous fruits like pomelo, atis, duhat, rambutan, santol, melon, calamansi, dalandan, lanzones, chico, langka, pineapple, mango, durian, avocado, mabolo, chesa, balimbing, aratilis, mangosteen, pakwan, bignay, dragonfruit, papaya, buko, granada, kalumpit, sampinit and yambo instead. 

3. Wear polka dotted clothes.
The polka dots symbolies coins but I don't want coins this new year. I want my money to come in bills and cheques. So I might be wearing a dress with rectangular patterns. Where can I find one?

4. Tikoy.

Being both sweet and sticky, tikoy symbolies unity within the family and sweetness towards each other.
This is a common gift among Chinese during New Year's.

5. Do not serve chicken.

They say that if you do, isang kahig, isang tuka ka. You'll be living 2013 in hardship and poverty.

6. Turn on the lights.
To have a brighter new year.

7. Let the air in.
Open the doors and windows to welcome good luck.

8. Jump high.

If you want to increase your height, jump 12 times.

9. Do not spend money.
Spending money on the first day of the year could mean that you will just spend without saving.

10. Line your wallet with bills.

To ensure that your money

There is no harm in trying these out. Right?

Have a prosperous New Year!



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