Brother Printer Hack

So my printer was being annoying. It keeps on saying that I already ran out of ink.( It refused to scan my pics which is totally un-ink related.) But if it was working perfectly fine one second and all of a sudden the cartridge is empty, I find that imposibru. There should be some fading first, right?

While brainstorming for ways to get the funds to buy all 4 cartridges, I remembered stumbling upon a cartridge hack for a different brand at 9gag. I did a quick research on Google and voila! I now have the perfect solution to my dilemma.

It seems that once the ink is below the transparent window in the cartridge, the sensors would signal the printer to say it is empty.

To fool my printer into thinking that there is still ink in that area, I covered it with something opaque. I used a masking tape to do this. It shut up the stupid prompt!

Once I was done, the printer was A-okay once again. Hurrah to me! I learned a new trick and saved money!



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