Top Fun Things to Do in Mandalay in One Day!

Mandalay is Myanmar's second largest biggest city. It is the jump off point to adventures in the north of Myanmar where treks through the gorgeous countrysides and visits to tribes has become increasingly popular.

If you are in Mandalay for just a day, here are some fun things for you to do! BTW, I got a fan twin room at 8,500 kyat per day.

1. Rent a bike and explore!

 Bikes are for rent at 1,500kyat per day. You can use this to explore the nook and crannies of the city. Beware as the map of the city is kindda confusing because all the streets are named after numbers.

2. Eat at the public market for free.

Photo credit: Dominik M. Ramík

Yes for free! Just put on your friendliest smile and ask the vendor if you could sample some of the items they sell for free!
Photo credit: Dominik M. Ramík

Going to the market is a culinary adventure. There is so much food to choose from!!
Coconut meat and caramel drink. Photo credit: Dominik M. Ramík
Crickets. Photo credit: Dominik M. Ramík


3. Check out the Mandalay Palace

I haven't really been inside because I went to the wrong gate. I had to circumnavigate and it's huge! So I just appreciated the moat. If you want to see the palace, the ticket is at 10,000kyat. It's a combo ticket that you could use for the Mandalay Palace, Shwenandaw Kyaung, two sites in Inwa and a minor site in Amarapura.

4. Kyauk Taw Gyi Pagoda

Also called the Great Marble Pagoda, it also houses a huge Buddha statue carved out of a single slab of jade. and that is all. Thank you!

5. Mandalay Hill

Image via chrismarshamphotography

Now this place is a climb! The view from the top is exhilarating especially at sunset. You can see the entire city spread out. It offers you an eagles eye view of the Royal Palace.

6. Sunset trip to U Bein Bridge

Said to be the longest teak bridge in the world, this place is best visited at sunset. Walk across the bridge, down the ladder and order something to drink from the restaurant then watch as the day go by.

7. Sample Kaung Ye or local alcoholic brew

The locals drink kaung ye and it comes in white, pink and clear color with different flavors.

8. See the Mandalay Marionettes

Photo credit: Dominik M. Ramík
The Mandalay Marionnette is located at 66th St at 27th St. Show starts at 8:30 pm and the admission fee is 10,000kyat. It is a small space with a tiny stage where marionettes are manipulated by artists to relay traditional tales.

Although I don't recommend watching this when you are exhausted from doing all the activities I've listed here 'coz you might end up sleeping through the entire show like me.

Do you think you got the energy to pack all these in one day? Tell me about your adventures in Mandalay!

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