PRODUCT REVIEW: Vaseline Itch and Dandruff-Free Milk Nutrient Shampoo

  Vaseline Itch and Dandruff-Free Milk Nutrient Shampoo is a two-in-one shampoo. Does this mean that I don't need to condition my hair after? I do't know. It doesn't say on the label.

The packaging says that it has a germ guard milk formula which strengthens scalp and attacks dandruff-causing germs, so you get itch and dandruff-free hair everyday. Each wash has milk proteins, that deeply nourishes hair as it continuously becomes strong on the inside and grows more beautiful on the outside.

Boo Boo's:
1. Bright blue color of the shampoo.
2. 2-in-1 claim, but its just plain old shampoo.
3. My scalp super itches when I use this.

Yep that is right. It promises tan itch free scalp but whenever I use this my scalp itches like crazy. I thought I was the only one who has similar complains but later on I heard my sister and Tita with similar complains. It doesn't help control my dandruff either. Instead it had made it worse.

I always dilute my shampoo with water but even if the shampoo has already been diluted my scalp feels like a hundred kutos are sucking it!


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