First Day Jitters

I'm so glad there are no classes on Wednesdays! At least, I can rest from trying to fit in.
I so wished Karla was my classmate but it is nowhere near possible unless we seek Dr. Lims help which is a no-no. It would compromise our position. I went to Dr. Limthough to try to credit my Asian Civilization. Let us just hope he vetoes this.I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
I've found new friends though-Ate Anne,Shaira,Elmer and Alfredo. It's good to have someone to have an aimless chitchat eventhough you sometimes feel you are the third wheel.
Rumor has it that there is an overload of brainies on Sec.A . I was thinking that that would be good since I will not be pressured into keeping up with the majority lest I'm going to be always at the bottom of the food chain. Ooh oohh if this is true then why are my classmates already preparing their journals and reading in advance when our pre-test is still next week and the deadline for the journals is still to be determined.
I have to be on tiptop shape! I have to read!Study! Doubly hard this time mind you since Sr. Isabel told me she expects me to top the board next year. I wonder what my teachers see in me that made them think I can do it. Or do they say this to every other person in the school because they are so desperate to have a topnotcher?


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