Call Girl

Guys I'm already working...
For howlong? Hmm I'll keep you guessing.
I'm so excited to receive my first pay out. I'm wondering how much I'l get since there will be deductions. I already made a list on how I'll spend it and so far I'm over the budget.
My account is great! It's Sirius XM, a satelite radio based in the US. We get to listen to over 180 channels for free while working. Oh well, that is if I've get any breaks while teking calls.
I heard about the massive walk outs for Wave 1. I hope we'll do better and that I'll pass my midterms and finals.
Aizanne is my trainer! Hahaha such a small world!!! I know lots of people working for the company. There is Melouna, Gothic, Rima and loads loads more. Renan has quit though. Chinkai is a QA! Ate Apple and Ate Abby are part of the management team. Queena is for recruitment.
I always doze off during my shift!! I'm only getting an average of 5 hours sleep on a good day and I have to attend review classes during the day.
It's fun being a call girl. Why? Because I get to dress up! It's something that I haven't done since I left UP!!


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