Which Craft?

Is this just because I'm unemployed and bored or do I have adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? I swiftly switch from one craft to the other!

I used to go to Booksale to buy novels or storybooks for little Yumi. These days novels fail to interest me. Instead I find myself getting lured to the coffeetable corner. I just so love the arts and crafts books that in just 3 months I had built for myself a mini-library.

I'm done with felties last January. I was inspired by the book of Nelly Pailloux.

Though felt cloth was hard to come by in Tacloban City, the instructions in the book was easy breezy. I ended up making 2 felties in one night! The timid lion from the book looks like this.

I also made a textile collage on February. It is now on exhibit at Cafe Lucia.

This March I made amigurumi.

On April as a gift to myself, I'm going to start polymer clay. My Tita Aline gave me her old oven toaster, so help me God! I hope it still works!

I hope this entry will be the start of my blogging again.


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