What's the Hulabaloo about Philip Romualdez?

This has been going on for weeks now (even months)!
I was riding my tita's car and when we opened the radio the DJ was talking about Philip Romualdez and how we should be preparing for his arrival. When I opened the tv a week back, the guy was saying that many people would weep just to see Philip Romualdez. 
This has got me asking, "Who the heck is Philip Romualdez?" on my Facebook account. A friend, Mariel Maceda, said that he is the son of Kokoy and has plans to run as governor. 
Yesterday, I finally got a taste of Philip Romualdez. He was interviewed in PRTV12 which by now I've deduced is probably family owned. All his answers were vague and clearly he was playing on the safe side. There were political innuendo's though. He talked about him having visited almost all the barangays in Leyte back in the days. There are two conflicting reasons given by the Leyte Samar Daily Express. One article said that he was elected as the Provincial President of the Association of Barangay Chairman in the 80's. Another said that during this time, he was the president of the Sangunian ng Kabataan. Are both of this true? One thing is for sure, Kokoy, his father, was the governor of Leyte at that time. Being the national vice president of the Philipppine Chamber of Commerce, he offered to help boost Leyte's economy.
I have more questions than answers on this topic. I wish I have the same zest and tenacity for some of my subjects in school. 
Oh well, I did a little research. I know some of you have the same questions on my mind.
Here is a court case which I got tired of reading. 
His executive profile can be readily seen online. It seems that his family is into mining. 
He is 49 years old and married to the president of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Sandy Prieto-Romualdez. Yes! She is the sister of the flamboyant socialite Tessa Prieto-Valdez.
I know that politics is dirty. Often times, money wins! I hope that this time this politician speaks with sincerity.


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