Animaze Cosplay 2011 as Shizuka Miyaka of HOTSD

Our group ( Jessa Mae Tan, Edgar Profetana, Tessie Ong, Antonette Veloso, Yvette Lader and the zombies) won last night's Animaze Cosplay event at Leyte Park! Woohooo Perigrines! Thank you guys for the moral support! The cheers fueled us!
We went as High School of the Dead! Our costumes were plain and simple and our skit was spontaneous. Everything was a blur but we bagged it!
I'm not a big fan of anime. In fact, I can't even remember an anime wherein I can memorize the characters. Except pikachu maybe. I'm more of a Spongebob kind of girl but I totally enjoyed last night. The costumes were amazing and I love my falsies! Bumblebee was there and he really did transform into a car!
A lot of people whom we barely know came up to us and asked for their pictures taken with us. I've only read about this in blogs and it was happening to us! This must be feeling of a moviestar times a gazillion. You feel tired but exuberant!
I wonder when the next cosplay is. I know the group will surely join again if we don't have any big exams.
Here are some photos which I grabbed from the event care of good friend, Lloyd Amparado.
classmates at Med School

Thanks Lloyd for the photos! yah! I know you can't believe it!

Purely hand painted! Cool Earl right?!

Next year we are taking it to the next level.


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