The Blind Item that Was

Read this blind item at almost a week before the controversial Mo Twister video went viral. Thanks fashionpulis for keeping me updated! hehehhe

He wanted to keep the baby when he got her pregnant the first time but she insisted on having an abortion. He tried to talk her out of it but she threatened him that she will do everything possible to terminate the pregnancy. Left with no other choice, he had to bring her to a neighboring country where this type of procedure is legal and common.

When they were overseas, he was so depressed he made a video as a form of therapy. He filmed himself while narrating the incidents and talking about his entire ordeal. At one point, he even said that he felt so helpless since he could do nothing to make her change her mind.

After the procedure overseas, their relationship continued even if her family members were totally against it. He got her pregnant again but she kept it from him this time around. She went behind his back and requested a doctor to terminate her pregnancy. When he eventually found out about this, he was emotionally and psychologically disturbed he had to see a psychiatrist. He was even more devastated when he heard the news that his child from a previous relationship is ill and will not live very long.

He continued to love her in spite of what she has done. While they were still together, he found out one day that she spent the night at another guy's place. This finally convinced him that she was two timing him and that it was time for him to let go.

Unfortunately, he sold his laptop without saving a copy of the video that he filmed when he was overseas. So, to the person who bought his laptop, try to look for the said video file and you might be able to find it.


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