Help for Side Effects of Chemotheraphy and Radiation

Battling cancer is itself a big challenge. just the thought itself seeps you of energy. How much more living with the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation?

I have an aunt who suffered from breast cancer (and another one who just died recently). I remember the times when she was undergoing treatment. My brother who was with her during those times told me that she would often shout out loud because of the pain. Up until now she would complain about losing sensation in some of her toes and fingers. 

I also have a friend who chose to take alternative medicine because the conventional treatments was sapping out all of his energy. 

It was the side effect of chemotherapy and radiation that was making them weak. After all, this does not only kill the malignant cells but the healthy ones as well. I think Point of Care Solutions supportive health formulas can be a big help in alleviating pain during treatment. 

These are Evolife's product line:
  • EvoSkin Gel Cream - for irritated and dry skin, radiation induced dryness
  • EvoSkin Cleanser - for dry, irritated skin
  • EvoMucy Mouthwash - for mouth sores
  • EvoMucy Mouth Spray - for mouth sores
  • EvoDry Mouth Spray - for dry mouth
  • EvoZac Solution Spray - for dry, irritated skin(redness, rashes, acneic rash, itching)
  • EvoCapil Hair Spray - for sensitive and itchy scalp
  • EvoNail Solution - for nail damage
  • EvoDeo Spray Deodorant - for excessive sweating
  • EvoDonto Toothpaste - for irritated gums
  • EvoLip Lip Cream - for dry, damaged lips
There have been testimonies on the eficacy of its use. As you can see, it addresses the common complaints and side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. 

If you know someone who is undergoing this process, try handing them this gift. Because a lot of people drop out in the middle of their treatment cycle not because they don't want to get well but because they can't take the side effect.


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