Kawaii Hello Kitty Nail Art!

When Dante came back from his exhibit, he bought us some kawaii nail art stickers. So last night we went on a nail polish hunt. I found this cute aquamarine from Miss Beauty at 578. It costs 39.99 php. That is almost 1usd.  I have another one in cherry red. So far this is my favorite nail polish brand. It has a matte color and smells really good even a day after. It also doesn't chip easily unlike the local brands.

It says on the label that it is a "Sanding Fruit Extract Nail Polish".

The label at the back says,"Adopts latest sanding fruit formula color is even, beauty color lasts long, also moisten your nails. Magic sanding effect, lets your nails unique and attractive." It also say,s" pro environment nail polish, no toulene, formaldehyde, acetone, DBP etc. 100% health." (Don't complain about the grammar guys. That's how all Chinese labels are written.) 

I woke Yumi up to take this pic. She complained that there is no regular pattern in her nail art but never the less, she still loved it.
This is me cam whoring. I was trying to make one of those cute Asian poses but morena me can't rock it.
Here's a closer look at my nails but my hands are awkwardly posed here.
Lolololove it!
 An even closer look...
So that's it guys!


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