Urban Sketcher's Rule No. 7

I was at Cafe Lucia on Saturday night when I saw Solo Galura of Urban sketchers for the second time that day.Through our lil chitchat, he reminded me that one rule of the group is to share our drawings online-Rule No.7!

So here are all the drawings I did since I joined Urban Sketchers. It's not a lot but I believe that drawing can either be a talent or a skill. So I know that with frequent practice I could get better and develop my own technique. Hahahahha! Let's see about that but so far, I am now hooked on "on location" sketches.

The first sketch walk I did was at the Sagkahan Furniture Shop. This was initially done in pen and ink. I found it boring so I used watercolor, watercolor pencils and colored pencils to ja it up a bit.

This is the back of the Redemptorist Church which I did using pen and ink with watercolor while being bitten by pissed off red ants. 

This is my midnight sketch of the Palo Cathedral while waiting for Kulahig to finish their phot ops with Paramita. I only used guache pen for this.

My lines are wobbly, my shading is bad, my perspective is a bit askew. Oh well, I hope I will improve in time.



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