Ei guys and gals! I'm kindda back. How are you all doing?

Here are some pics I took from Carbon, Cebu City on a Sunday.

 These are some of the cute puppies being sold beneath the underpass at Robinsons.

 Colorful dried bakawan or mangrove twigs. These are often used as christmas trees and when paired with Christmas lights and other decorations, it looks absolutely fabulous.
 Flowers. A whole street of them.
 Lots of people were crowding over this cart. My bestfriend Waw and I were really interested.
 A closer look at the shells. Can you now tell the species and genus?
 Wawaw modeling the different handicrafts.
 Lamps made from Capiz shells.
 Dyed Capiz wind chime.

 Simon mesmerized.
 Another parol.

 Emma and Simon trying to figure out the number of weaving done on this basket.
 Parols made from tin foils.

 These are the folk medicines sold on the street.
 Waw and I can't resist to take a bite of this fare. So the next time we encountered a food cart selling shells, we bought one for 5php and we loved it!
 Hohoho at Gaisano.
Sharpening your tools the old fashion way. This is a good exercise!


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