2012 Wishlist

It's a new year again! Hello 2012 and goodbye 2011!
Everyone is so hyped in making new years resolution. I'm not as enthusiastic though. One thing I've learned from two decades plus plus of celebrating new years and making new years resolutions is that hardly any of them come true.
So for 2012, I'd rather make a wishlist. Which I think is a more apt name for new years resolutions. They are just wishes and hardly if any, of their issues gets "resolved".
For 2012:
1. I'll be in second year medicine.

  • Memorize. Reading the assigned topics are easy but memorizing is an extra mile.
  • Get a scholarship. I've scoured the internet so my next option will be heaven sent.

2. Get myself a decent digicam. I'm a tightwad so price range will be around 5,000 php and never more than this. It would be nicer if I get it free. Hehehehhe (Hint!) 
at picture-city for only 5,495 php
3. I still want a Holga 135 BC in red!

So far that's all I want for this year. Other than a successful home based business. 
Keeping my fingers crossed. Bye!


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