Myra Vitaglow Review

A week ago, I was running low of my usual Olay Natural White Cream. I headed to Robinson's and they already ran out of it.
Admittedly, I am a big moisturizer junkie. Growing desperate and too lazy to go to other stores due to the heavy human traffic.( Holiday shopping and all.) I perused the wide array of available face creams- L'oreal, Garnier,Ponds and Myra to name a few.
I've tried Garnier before but I don't like the feel of the cream on my face. Pond's makes me break out. L'oreal is too expensive for my student budget. I've also tried Olay Total Effects and I feel that the tint looks too obvious on my dark skin.
What I generally look for in a face cream is it should at first protect and then moisturize. I'm not looking for whitening creams. It will just make me fair from the neck up. I love my mocha skin!Unfortunately, the market is saturated with whitening creams. Most of the moisturizing creams with SPF promises whitening.
Myra Vitaglow caught my eye because for a price of around 130php, it promises to be a tinted facial moisturizer with SPF 15. I've been looking for a tinted moisturizer for the longest time ever since I read that it can give you even skin tone and good coverage.
 The only tint available at the time I purchased it was ivory.There is another tint available which is beige. This, they say is more apt for morenas. The ivory one worked fine for me though. In fact, I've asked around and my friends say that the only unnatural thing about my face is the glitters.
Yes! This product has added shimmers on it. I guess they added this to make you "glow". I don't mind this added effect though because I sometimes intentionally use bronze powder by Nichido just to have a glittering effect on my skin even at daytime. Since these shimmers actually reflect light, you come out looking dewy and glowing in your photos.
For a drugstore brand and very cheap at that, this is a real steal. The cream is not sticky nor oily. Just make sure that you apply it on your damp face. Apply it quickly to prevent drying out and make sure you do it evenly for a flawless look.
 I've worn this cream for as long as 8 hours and my skin does not feel oily at all. I've even stopped using powders because there is no need to retouch at all.
I am so in love with this product that I declare it a must have in my make up arsenal.
The local market is so full of surprises! Since this pleasant discovery, I am excited to try out local products in the future.


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