Lakwatsera Series: Rancho Maria Lucas

Are you looking for an alternative destination this summer? Why not spend it in the mountains? I don't mean camping out in tents while cicadas sing in the distance. Why choose to sleep outdoors when you can commune with nature while staying in a comfy bed?

Rancho Maria Lucas is a great alternative summer destination. It is located 30 minutes north of Tacloban City, beyond the San Juanico Bridge and just at the seams of the island of Samar. If you have your own transportation, you'll just have to look out for the Brgy. Dampigan sign at Sta. Rita. Right across it is Rancho Maria Lucas. However, if you don't have your own ride you can take a Sta. Rita bound jeep at the New Bus Terminal or else hire a motorcyle for 50 Php to take you there! (I prefer the latter because you can ask the driver to stop at the San Juanico Bridge for a scenic souvenir picture.)

The entrance fee is supposedly 20Php but  if you are staying for the night, the fee is waived.

 Lookee this place is great for exploration.

 The signage is made from whitewashed stones.

On me:
Sunglasses              Free from Firmoo
Brown Vest             Thrifted
Spaghetti Blouse   Thrifted
Black Pants             Thrifted

These two hand carved horses welcomes you to their snack house, the Coccina Rancho. Everything here is home cooked but has to be ordered in advance.

Here's a cool rocking horse for kids and adult alike.

 There were lots of horses around. Some of these are even for sale!

These swings are old tires fashioned into horse. Yumi spends most of her time hanging out here.

With the panoramic views and excellent lighting, outdoor sketching and painting is another activity you can do.

Dante and I choose the footbridge to paint. 

My painting looked dismal but here's Dante's.

 These are the huts that you can rent out if you want to stay the night for 500 PHp. The bed is big enough for two to three persons. Everything is basic so bring your own towel and toiletries. I even recommend bringing your own malong. The thatched roof's leaks but it is all part of the adventure.

These lily pad blocks will take you to the Black Nazarene Chapel. I failed to take photo's but I loved the meadow fronting it with its buttercup flowers. The chapel has two huge slabs wood hand carved with scenes from the bible.

Horse dung are a familiar site.

Here is Dante, Yumi, the Horse Whisperer and the Manager of Rancho Maria Lucas. (This place is owned by Lilibeth Solajes btw.)

These horses are safe for kids. Just don't stay too close to their rears or you might be kicked to the moon and beyond.

An hour of horseback riding is 200Php per hour. You can split this with friends. The horse track is just short so one ride is over within 5 to 10 mins. I wish we can take the horse on a slow gallop. That could have been more exciting! Especially if you have trails to follow.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, you have to pass through a canopy of coconut trees before you find the ranch.

For more info check out their site:


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