Proactiv #Unselfie

Time magazine has recently declared the Philippines as the selfie capital of the world...if not the entire universe! I've never been big on doing selfies and I've always thought that people who do selfies are hedonistic and vain. That perhaps selfie is the root word of selfish!

Hence, I totally dig Proactiv's #Unselfie campaign. 

However, we cannot deny that people who can do selfies have the courage and confidence to flaunt their beauty, imperfections included. No wonder, they (I cannot use "we" since I do not use filters and photo enhancement on my pics) often resort to filters and photo enhancement apps to remove the blemishes they have like acne. 

They may seem to have flawless skin on their photos posted on Facebook and Instagram but in real life, the blemishes are still there. This can drive a person to suicide and believe you me this happened already when a boy met his long time Facebook girlfriend and discovered that she is not as pretty as she seems on her pictures.

Let us be proud of how we look in real life. Join Proactiv's #Unselfie campaign and post a pic of an undedited photo of yourself-warts and all, holding an unedited #unselfie pledge placard!

Do not hide using photo editing. Instead, take active control of your acne's and use Proactiv's Acne Treatment System. Use it religiously and you will not need to post edited photos because you will be loud and proud of your clear skin.

If you want to own a Proactiv 30 day kit, Proactiv is giving away a kit per week! 

Join by:
1. Liking "Proactiv Solution Philippines" Facebook Page or follow Proactiv Philippines on Instagram "@ProactivPH"
2. Write a pledge in a piece of paper "I need to be Proactiv" , "#Unselfie", "#beProactiv"
3. Take a selfie with the pledge placard and post it at:
a. Proactiv Solution Philippines Facebook Account
b. Their personal instagram account and must tag @ProactivPHProactiv 


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