Latagaw Diaries: Changi Airport

Dubbed as one of the best airports in the world, welcome to Changi Airport!

The airport itself is a tourist destination with so many nooks to explore. 
And because I am traveling alone, I need to practice taking selfies. (Awkward!)

Look out for this Tourist Information kiosk. Grab some guides e.g. Changi Airport Guide and Singapore Guide or download your airport arrival guide here and the departing and transit guide here. And make sure they are written in English.

Don't forget to fill out your disembarkation/embarkation form and DO NOT lose it especially if you want to visit neighboring countries like Malaysia and Indonesia.

Look at this REAL christmas tree. 
It is a noble fir and not just plastic.

I so love looking around this airport.

Here's a tip for you, spend at least an hour in this airport, both departure and arrival, to check out their must-sees.

Here's a list for you:

Terminal 1
The Social Tree (Transit Area)
Rooftop Swimming Pool (Transit Area)
Kinetic Rain Sculpture (Public Area)
Lily Pad Garden ( West Outdoor Deck, Transit Area)
Cactus Garden (Transit Area)

Terminal 2
Enchanted Garden (Transit Area)
Entertainment Deck (Transit Area)
Sunflower Garden (Transit Area)
Orchid Garden (Transit Area)
Peranakan Exhibition and Porcelain of Asia Exhibition (Transit Area)

Terminal 3
Butterfly Garden (Transit Area)
Movie Theater (Transit Area)
The Slide (Public Area)
Koi Pond (Transit Area)


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