Myanmar to Thailand Overland: Hpa-An to Mae Sot Border Crossing

Photo Credit: Dominik M. Ramík

This watchtower is smack in the middle of Hpa An. These is where you can find buses and shared taxis heading for Mae Sot. We got a shared taxi for 8,000kyat. Typical Asian, the locals will give up their seats to foreigners. They paid the same price (sometimes even more expensive) but they will willingly give up their comfortable seat for a cramped squatting space at the back.

It's not a one way street every other day anymore. Buses and shared taxis heading for Mae Sot are always available. It's a four hour ride. The border closes at 8pm so budget your time well. 

Good bye Myanmar! Hello Thailand! Photo Credit: Dominik M. Ramík

Upon reaching the town, you can walk to the border, have your passport stamped and then walk on foot across the bridge.

Photo Credit: Dominik M. Ramík
Let's cross the bridge when we get there. Around 5 to 10 minutes walk, depending on how heavy your load is.
Hello Thailand! Good bye Myanmar! Photo Credit: Dominik M. Ramík


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