Things to do for Free in Tel Aviv

I think the best things in life are free! And one of my greatest joys is finding something free to do in a new locale.

Here are a couple of stuff you can do for free in Tel Aviv:

City Tours

  • White City Official Tour by the Tel-Aviv Yafo Municipality. A two-hour walking tour from the first neighborhood to the White City. Meet up is at 46 Rothschild Blvd, Saturdays, 11 am.
  • Tel Aviv Port Tour by the Tel-Aviv Yafo Municipality. Be ready for free tastings. A two-hour walking tour about the history and culture of the Tel Aviv Port. Meet up is at Aroma Cafe, Thursdays, 11 am.
  • Sarona Tour.Two-hour tour that covers the history of the Templers. Meet up is at 11 Avraham albert Mendler St., Fridays at 11am.
Activities for Adults, Kids and Families
  • Yoga at City Hall rooftop. 11am in winter and 18:30 during summer.
  • Games for Children at City Hall lobby every Thursday afternoon.
  • Tetris at City Hall grounds on Thursdays, 9pm.
  • Park Chorshot Single Track of extreme cycling.
  • Large outdoor playgrounds like the Tel Aviv Port, LEvant Fair, Dubnov Park, Yarkon Park, Jaffa Slope and Independence Park.
  • Israeli Folk Dancing on Gordon Beach every Saturday at 11am from November to May and at 7pm from June to October.
  • Artisans, Designers and Music Ensembles at the Greek Market in Old Jaffa on Fridays.
  • Sarona and Hatachana compounds offer many activities for kidds.
  • Beach Libraries in Mezizim, Gordon, Jerusalem and HaZuk beaches.
  • Street Libraries located in Rothschild Blvd right across Habima Theater, Yad Eliyahu and Ha'Tikva Garden.
  • Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art. Free admission for kids under 18!
  • Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Free admission for kids under 18!
  • MUZA, Eretz Israel Museum. Free admission for kids under 18!
  • Nahum Gutman Museum of Art. Free admission for kids under 18!
  • Rubin Museum. Free admission for kids under 18!
  • Beit Ben Gurion
  • HerzLilienblum Museum
Beaches. A stretch of 14 kilometer beach is open to the public for free although there's a fixed price for chairs, parasol, and tanning bed. There's also a fixed price for coffee (5NIS), pretzel(5NIS), popsicle(5NIS), water, pita, hummus and salad (12NIS). However, Nordau Beach has separate bathing days for women and men. womens are on Sun, Tue and Thur while mens are on Mon, Wed and Fri. Saturdays is open for everyone.

There's also free wifi in more than 80 locations around the city. Just connect to FREE_TLV. For more info, you can go to


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