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Things to Do in Geneva in One Day or Less


Geneva, Switzerland can easily be explored in one day or less! You can even see all of it in a few minutes by crossing to France! Do you want to know how? Read on!

Geneva or Geneve is more expensive than your average European country. They use Swiss Francs or CHF not Euros. I discovered that the best way to get this money changed without charges is to do this in the Information Center. In fact, the Information Center is your best friend. While in Cointrin Airport or the Geneva International Airport, locate the Information Center and do these things:
  1. Get a Geneva One Day Pass
  2. Get a free transport pass or ticket. To get from the airport to the place you are staying in Geneva, you can actually get a free ticket that is good for 80 minutes. This can be used for buses, trams, trains and yellow taxi-boats locally known as Mouettes as well. Once you arrive at your accommodation, you can request from the reception for a free non-transferrable Geneva Transport Card. This is good for the entire length of your stay in that hostel or hotel and it can be used in the whole public transportation system.
  3. Inquire on the logistics to the places you want to see.
  4. Change your Euros into CHF.
Now that you have the aforementioned in place, deposit your stuff in the luggage storage at these two main locations:
  1. Geneve Aeroport or Geneva Airport
  2. Geneve or Gare Cornavin - main train station
Automatic luggage prices depend on the size of your luggage and storage time. Initial prices cover for the first six hours. Please refer to this link: http://www.geneva.info/luggage-storage/

If your luggage does not fit the automatic lockers dimension, you can check out the luggage counter operated by a human being. 

Take advantage of the free internet and download the following transportation apps to help get you around:
  1. Geneva Public Transport (Unireso) route planner: TPG for real-time updates of the next tram or bus coming to your stop, connections and traffic info.
  2. SBB Train journey planner: SBB
  3. Google map of Switzerland. The best thing about this is it has transportation instructions!
You might want to use the WC (that's CR for us Pinoys), just prepare 1CHF. I know right! I thought that since it is a first world country it should be free!

Now, let's begin exploring Geneve! Once you get off the train in the main station of Geneve, the adventure begins! Just right across the train station is a Starbucks. Just follow this street and on your stroll, feast your eyes on luxury flagship stores and cars! Yep, I have definitely not seen these in the streets of Tacloban.

Keep on walking until you find yourself on a bridge with colorful flags. 

On your right is a short flight of stairs. It will take you to a closer view of giant white floating animals with wings and webbed foot. They are so cute but beware of their humongous poop that litters the footpath!

You can also get to appreciate this view here:

Following this little path will take give you an unobstructed view of the iconic  Jet D’eau and Lake Geneve shoreline/seascape/lakefront. You can also spot the yellow taxi-boats or Mouettes and white tout boats plying the waters as birds dart to and fro.
The Jet D’eau ejects 140 meters into the air and it can be seen even in the mountain tops of neighboring France! It is the world's tallest and screams to the world that Geneva is at the forefront of hydraulic power. Lake Geneve or Lac Leman, on the other hand, is the best place to take a stroll. If you just follow the main bridge, it will take you to the eastern bank where you can find a  giant Flower Clock or L'horloge fleurie. The flower here changes each season.

Then, head on to the Old Town and enjoy its cobblestones and historical places like the following:

  1. Bourg-de-Four. Oldest public square which is surrounded by pubs and restaurants.
  2. Hotel De Ville. Known as the city hall and the seat of the government.
  3. Old Arsenal. This former battery is located right across the Hotel De Ville. Today, it exhibits a mosaic done by Alexandre Cingria in 1949 that depicted Caesar's arrival in the city in 58 BC.
  4. Bastions Park. On its entrance is a giant chess board. The Reformation Wall can also be found in its vicinity.
  5. Reformation Wall. This monument at the Bastions Park shows of the prominent figures of the Protestant Reformation namely  Guillaume Farel, Jean Calvin, Théodore de Bèze and John Knox.
  6. Russian Church. Completed in 1866 by Russian expatriates with a distinct Byzantine architecture.
  7. Treille Promenade. Once an artillery post, today this rampart wall offers visitors a beautiful view of the city.
  8. Passage des Degrés-de-Poules. This is a very long and narrow staircase with 67 steps leading to the St. Peter's Cathedral. 
  9. St. Peter's Cathedral. This is the oldest architectural treasure of the city. Jean Calvin once preached here. During good weather, choose to climb the South Tower because it has an open-air balcony and a direct view of the lake. Meanwhile, the North Tower is a wooden room with closed windows and is best to use during rainy days. It offers another beautiful view of the city.  The towers are connected by staircases and corridors that allows you to appreciate the Cathedral's rooftop, original stone walls, and heavy wooden plates. You can climb the tower for free with your Geneva Pass or pay 5CHF. There is also an Archaeological Museum, Musée International de la Réforme, or International Museum of Reformation, Museum of Art and History on-site. 
  10. Clock Tower. Every hour, the clock plays the glockenspiel or the Swiss National Anthem. Located below the clock is a statue of Philibert Berthelier, hero of Genevas independence and his pet ferret.
From here, you can head on to the United Nations at the Palais des Nations, Avenue de la Paix. They usually open at 10:00 and closes at 16:00. Just bring your passport with you. Price is 12CHF for adults and 10CHF for students.

Lastly, take a bus to Etrembieres, France where Mount Saleve is located. It will just be a 10-minute easy walk!

You will find yourself crossing into a nicely kept modern community that ends in a parking lot. Once you spot the Baby Saleve téléphérique you know you are in the right spot.
Protection issues. I know!
A roundtrip ticket will cost you 11.90 euros or 14.50 CHF.

Take a téléphérique or cable car to its peak with an altitude of 1,380 meters above sea level. From here you will be able to appreciate the alpine peaks that border Switzerland, Jura mountains and Mont Blanc. The city center of Geneve is just 20km away! You can even see the Jet D’eau and Lake Geneve while enjoying a snack at the cafe.

There are also trails you can enjoy here or if you have plenty of time, parasail and have a literal bird's eye view of the city!

A 20 minute tandem jump with an instructor will set you back CHF 180 if you book with the Swiss paragliding club and by the French paragliding club for CHF 120.
By the way, there is a free 3 hours walking tour that starts at 11am every day at the Tour de l'Ile, Pont de l’Ile at Place Bel-Air. The tour covers Place Neuve, Old Town, Reformation Wall, St Peter’s Cathedral, ICRC First Headquarters, City Hall, Place du Molard, the Flower Clock and the Jet d'Eau.


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