Don Poldo's Backing Me Up

Give or take, it’s almost a year since I’ve had my leave of absence from my studies. I only have one academic year left before I graduate. Everyone that matters to me is pushing me to finish it. They don’t need to push some more since I’m already bent on finishing it. I’ve already asked around in school.(Not that I miss its infinity pool.)

My clinical instructors said I co
uld enroll for this summers petition class, NCM 102: Curative&Rehabilative 2. Don Poldo and Divina said that enrollment would start on April1-April Fools. I’m excited and at the same time apprehensive. Does taking NCM 102 this summer a smart decision? How will my former classmates react to my reappearance? I hope I don’t end up like an April Fool. Don Poldo said he’d kill for me if someone dares to pick a fight with me. Somehow I fear that with my reappearance I’ll make the gossips busy. Don Poldo is sweet. He never failed to try to communicate with me during my turmoil. Whenever I lurk at my Friendster friend’s pics I always see this as his primary pic.

Oh those were the days when I was wild and free.


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