Helluva Week

My PC broke down for the nth time this year! That is why I’ve only managed to blog now.
I went to my college(yes the one with the infinity pool) on Tuesday to enroll for the petition class. There was a long line outside the Deans office as usual. It seems like everyone in school that day was misinformed since news has it that enrollment is next Monday, the 7th.Come to think of it, Monday is a holiday. It just shows that a year away hasn’t changed the schools management.
As I was saying, I was queuing when I felt that I needed to do something than just wait for the line to move. I talked to some old classmates and they told me that Karla has also plans of joining the petition class I’m planning to enroll in. In fact she had already started doing her clearance.
Karla and I are in the same predicament. We both were pregnant last summer and took a leave of absence last academic year. She too is not married to the father of her child. If I am nervous about being accepted back, I know for sure that Karla too is in tethers.
Seems like I was the talk of the mob that day! Everyone was asking about my disappearance and my baby. For those who were asking for baby pics, here is my Yumi bebe. At four months old.

I went to Jaycee’s place that day and got a look at my first godchild. She’s 2 months younger than Yumi and her name is Tatum. She took after her father I’m sure since the dusky skin and thick brows and hair couldn’t have been from Jaycee’s side of the family (not that I’ve seen Tatum’s father in person; only in pictures.)
I can’t believe how easily I get bawled over by babies when I used to make babies cry just for fun. Yumi made me look at wee ones in a different perspective. They are angels!
The twins were here this weekend. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to bond with them like we used too. No more beaches and senseless tanning on hot summer days. No more surf and skimboards. No more long walks and talks.
I hate to admit it but the freaking Tripod has now become individuals. To each her own.
I often get teary eyed over our relationship and the Gwapo Gang’s too.

I would like to blame it on unlimited texts and different cellphone networks. Yet I know that part of the blame is on me. I seldom reach out to them but hey, they too don’t seem to do any reaching out to me.
Boom, my cousin, on the other hand is a different story. He texted me late at night on Wednesday, I replied at about two in the morning the following day. I’m so glad he got out of his funk!


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