Urban Legend or Not

My imagination is running wild again!
Here are stories that I've heared from my aunts who heard it from the maids next door who heared it from blah blah blah.. Where does the facts start? And where did fiction begin? You be the judge.
1. A little kid went missing at Kassel Homes. The parents scoured the subdivision but the kid was not found. Laterin the evening the mother received a message saying that she should watch out for a van bearing a certein plate number because it picks up kids and harvests their organs. (Source: Tita Ann's Officemate)
2. A town in Samar had recently had 10 missing kids from separate families. The bodies were then found in their respective families doorsteps. Their bodies bore scars due to organ harvesting. In their mouths was Php 20,000.(Source: Ate Margie's carpenter)
3. There was a woman in Dagami who was kidnapped. Her eyes were taken out and her dead body was dumped with Php 10,000 found in her mouth. (source: Ate Jennifer)
4. Two bodies of children from San Jose was found. Their bodies, again, was devoid of vital organs. ( Source: Andre's mother)
5. A kid from Utap was kidnapped and his organs taken out. ( source: Kuya Alan's sis)
Reasons for kidnapping and illegal harvesting of organs is obviously because of money. Others say that the children's blood will be used for the construction of the Guian international Airport.


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