I'm Marching this March!

I will soon end a chapter of my life. Soon is give and take 20 days from now.
Yesterday was probably the longest queuing I did in my entire life. It was not because the line was as long as the American Idol audition but it was more because as I wait in line my heart was palpitating and in my brain I chanted a silent prayer. I tried to distract myself by reading New Moon but that didn't sway my hearts trepidation.
I have a gut feel that I will graduate this March but I did not want to be over confident; after all there was my so-called attitude to consider. I was so happy and relieved when I saw what my CI wrote on my 1/8 sheet of yellow paper.."You passed!" with matching smiley face. Gawd I was so relieved that after reading the paper twice I texted my Aunt's that "I'm marching this March. Fatten the pig!". Lola if you are reading this, we have to slaughter the pig!
The Board exam is on November so I have plenty of time to accomplish what I've always wanted for the longest time..to read all my nursing books without pressure and at my own leisure.
Send me gifts on my graduation or if not you could give it to me in time for my birthday!hehheheh
It looks like my dream of becoming a millionaire at 25 will be deferred until I'm 30. Still, I'll get that first million soon.


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