Studying Actually

I breezed through elementary and high school and even some college at UP without breaking a sweat. I was undeterred by exams and other trivialities that would usually cause other students sleepless nights.

It is no wonder that I wasn't able to pass the Philippine Science High School second screening and that in high school I steadily slipped through the ranks from the first section to the third section on my junior years. I only regained little glory on my senior year when I climbed back up to the second section. Even though my mother tried to help with my math by tutoring half of my barkadas so I would be enticed to learn more about it, I would usually end up snoring halfway through her tutoring. That was how lazy I was as a student. College was even much worse. My heart was stone cold from getting failing grades in my Biology course that I ended up being forced to shift to another course.

Back then I would crawl to my bed early and wake up late. I had no study habits at all. Until now, I abhor memorizing! I never did get to learn that skill despite the dozens of self help books and websites I've tried.

But studying in St. Sko was a totally different story. Everyone was so competitive that I felt compelled to at least do something unless I get to be labeled as bobo.

It was here at St. Sko that I've first pulled all nighters and actually finished reading my thick textbooks! I was never contented with merely reading. I would highlight the texts with different colors, flag the pages and scribble at the margins. I would even take down notes which I never got to read just so I would have better retention.

These days, my books make good bed fellows. They lull me to sleep. Since third year, I had developed a sleeping problem. At night I only take catnaps. I'd sleep for a few hours than wake up and read and then I sleep again then read... It has already become a habit.


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