I first saw the ombre word while watching America's Next Top Model British Invasion. It was one of Tyra's makeover suggestion. Later that day, I randomly read it at a DIY site and it peaked my interest. Seems like this is the in thing among Hollywood actresses and fashion A-listers!

Since Emma, my best bud, and I have been contemplating on dying our hair, I did a little research on this hairstyle. This blog is the fruit of my arduous labor.

I doubt though that when I go to our local hair salons that they will be able to know an ombre look unless I bring a photo of it plus some instructions. Who would want a know-it-all? So for this hairstyle, I will do it myself...soon!

The ombre hairstyle looks like you have just overgrown your sun bleached hair. The roots are darker and it is gradually graded to produce lighter tips using the balayage technique. It just looks like you don't have money to recolor your hair! =P

It is a low maintenance hairstyle that you can easily do at home. Well, at least that's what the people on the internet says. The good thing about this hairstyle is, if you want to hide the ombre (shaded in french) ends you can simply pull it in a ponytail or wind it up in a loose bun. 

First off, what is the balayage technique? It uses the freehand technique. You can paint your hair without the ugly squares foiling or cap highlighting makes. This is best used with hair below the shoulder. The aim is to make your hair look naturally bleached and not streaky.

So how will we ombre-fy our hair in this Philippine setting?

  • Don't use blonde hair dye because you would need to bleach your hair first. Use a highlighting kit instead. Hortaleza has some hair bleach powder that will work. 
  • Apply the solution at the end of your tresses first gradually moving up until your chin. The lightest part should be the tips and the darkest part should be your roots. Therefore, apply more solution on your tips.
  • Dark part of the hair should be from roots to chin level but it is ok if you kindda lighten some parts.
  • The longer you leave the bleaching solution on your hair, the lighter it will get. You might want to try on a small strand of your hair and time it just so you know what to get.
  • Read the instructions that comes with your hail colorant. I will use Hortaleza Professional Hair Coloring Cream. Mine says that if I use 6% oxidizing lotion, it will just cover the gray hairs or change only my hairs color tone. If I use 9% it is for fashion colors or to change hue of the hair. 12% on the other hand is used for blonde colors to take effect.
With the last info, this is my game plan:
  1. Divide my hair into 3 parts.
  2. Using  Hortaleza Professional Hair Coloring Cream, I will mix it to 6% oxidizing solution on upper 1/3.
  3. Mix with 9% and apply on middle 3rd.
  4. Mix with with 12% and apply on last 3rd.
Let's just pray this experiment will work.Ombre!

If this doesn't come out right, I'll just dye my hair back to black!



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