Eastern Visayas Bloggers Meet Up

Let me give you an idea of what Filipino meetings are like.
1.On the way means they just woke up or thank you for reminding them.
2. Filipino time - It is best to arrive an hour or two late. This will cut down the waiting time for the other expected participants.
3. The first meeting is a meeting about a meeting.
4. A meeting will always be delayed and can easily be canceled. 
5. No meeting is complete without something to eat.
Surprisingly, the people whom I met up today were early considering that this was all planned online via the FB group EVBloggers. I didn't even have any of the group members phone number to check if they were coming or if the meeting was going to push through. I just took my chances and I'm so glad I did.

I've been blogging for quite some time now and it has been a long and lonely road. My statistics doesn't look like the beautiful  crests and troughs of waves exemplified by Vic's google analysis results. It more closely resembles pointed peaks and steep ravines! I knew I needed help and Mr. Google is proving to be much more difficult than my Neuroanatomy exams! I needed a real talking, thinking person who has been polished by years of experience in the world wide web. Auspiciously, I finally met my support group today.

L-R: Ronald Reyes, Vic Abrugar, Jam Canesal, Larissa Dy, Joan Abello, CJ Villalon, Jet Montalban, Bryan Cinco
Everyone was friendly and engaging. Vic Abrugar answered random questions while Bryan Cinco was more structured. (These guys are earning real money from their blogs!) Ronald Reyes loved to probe while Jet Montablan loves the cam. Larissa Dy is an old face from Bio days. CJ Villalon, Joan Abello and Jet works for Bryan's online company. Lyza Sabornido as well as Jam Canezal was also there. 
 I really appreciate how these people went out of their way today to share what they know to noobs like me. Topics touched were mostly about SEO and SMM. Everything was open to discussion but there were times I felt like I'm in the middle of a Star Trek convention. 

The coffee and cookies were free by the way. Hooray! Thanks to Vic and Bryan for the sponsorship.

This meeting proved that I must read and tinker. 

Are you also a blogger based in Region 8? Join us!


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