Violet Hair

I dyed streaks of violet on my hair last May.
 Now, it is more like magenta.
 Little did I know that it is not about the quality or how long I let the dye stay on my hair but colored dyes like violet, pink, blue, red usually remain vibrant for only a week or two and then slowly fades off. 

Now I'm contemplating of dying my entire locks with aubergine then doing deeper streaks of violet and blues.
This is my only life, I'll color my hair anything I want to. So c'est la vie!
Watch out for the latest development of my experiment soon.
I have a post here on how to dye your hair purple dated last May.
Don't you just love the color purple, violet, lilac, aubergine, plum, lavender, whatever it is.
Gah! No stock of aubergine right now so I have to wait until new stocks arrives.


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