YOUNGBLOOD: Hello,new nurses

" Hi! I read your article in Young Blood kanina.wink nice." Banjo Biol, a college friend, messaged me in Facebook last Tuesday.

I was a bit disoriented at first. What article? I have been so engrossed with many freelance writing job lately that I have no clue what he was talking about.

It suddenly dawned on me that a day before the release of the June and July 2012 Nursing Licensure Exam, I sent an old article I wrote to YoungBlood.

It was an impulsive, spur of the moment decision prompted by a YoungBlood article shared in FaceBook.     I did a little research on the net on how to submit my piece and I was surprised that there were posts dedicated on analyzing and strategizing ways to submit an article.

  It reminded me of my old cut out on the instructions for submission. I even posted it as one of my Bucket List but has never done anything towards that dream until now.

Surprisingly, there is a cut-off age for YoungBlood and it is 29 years old. I am so happy I acted on a pure whimsy. One article published and I hope so many more to get published in YoungBlood in the future.

Read my article online at the Philippine Daily Inquirer and tell me what you think. 

To God be all the Glory!

Ma.Diwata Dyosa Engkantada Milagrosa

FYI: The title has been changed from "Congratulations to the New RN's...Not!" to "Hello,nurses". 


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