Latex Fashion Clothing: I'm Sexy and I Know It!

I was just browsing earlier and I happen to come across some latex fetish clothing. I thought that latex is just used for condoms and surgical gloves. Little did I know that those tight fitting, shiny and sexy pant suits I see on tv are also made of latex!

The early beginnings of latex fetish clothing must be with superheroes. Check out Batman, Superman, Catwoman and the list goes on. They are all wearing sexually charged clothing that adheres to the body like their second skin. I think high fashion designers found a potential in this made it famous in the runway.

These days, this kind of clothing is pretty popular with fashion models and Hollywood actresses who wants to show off their curves. Pop and rock stars also love to wear these latex garbs on their music videos and concerts. check out lady gaga!

Do you know that latex fetish clothing is also popular with BDSM (Bondage/Disciple Domination/Submission sadism/Masochism)? Rawwrrrr!Here's the famous Saffron Taylor!

Ohh my it is near Halloween already! I need to get myself one of these!
Cool right?


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