Best Bam-e in Leyte

Eating canned goods at least once a day since Yolanda struck has made my home cooked meals boring. However, there are rare days wherein I experience gastronomic delights. I will be forever thankful to my good friend Jam Tan for telling me to drop by Alonzo's every time I'm in Abuyog for their bam-e.

Alonzo's is located near the marketplace. It's a hole in the wall restaurant and is easy to miss. The first time we went looking for it my boss thought we were going to eat animal feeds because it was located next to an agrivet. It was hilarious!

Bam-e by the way is a combination of two noodles (flour sticks and vermicelli) and is quite a popular dish in the Philippines. No birthday party is complete without this for it is believed to bring in good health and a longer life for the celebrant.

The highlight of every trip to Abuyog for me is Alonzo's bam-e. Like most Filipino's, I can tell which bam-e version is the best. This is moist and easily slides down your throat. It is also generously topped with fresh vegetables, meatballs and meat. I know you have experienced eating noodles mixed with bones or with rotten vegetables. This on the other hand, I repeat, uses fresh ingredients.

For just 190 php, this sure is a good deal. It can feed up to 5 hungry Juans.



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