The Deniece Cornejo Dossier

With all the hullabaloo surrounding Deniece Cornejo, I just had to put my researching skill into full throttle despite the dozen or so reasons not to: no electricity, relying on a friend's hotspot, being too nosy about showbusiness (which is none of my business but will always be everybody's business)  and etc. However, I know you are just as curious as me. So come on and read what I have discovered!

Rumor has it that Deniece Cornejo went under the knife. She vehemently denies this on her interviews. She confesses to having her crooked teeth fixed though. True or false? You be the judge.

Juicy scoop 1 from :

If not for the labels, I surely wouldn't recognize her.

Here's another one from makes me think it is more than plastic surgery. Deniece Cornejo also got a little help from photoshop.

Juicy scoop 2 from is a tell-all from an anonymous poster on FB. I tell you, it is worth the read. Here are the highlights:
  • Deniece does not really come from a rich family as she would have us imagine. Her father works in a cruise ship while her mom is a stay at home socialite. (Why do I care anyways? Both my parents are unemployed?)
  • She is telling the truth when she says she is from DLSU. She once posted on her FB that "I deal things in life in Lasallian way", whatever that means.
  • Her grammar is bad. I guess it runs in the blood since her mother posted a mind-boggling tweet just recently. I'm not exempted from this malady since English is not my first language.

  • She once auditioned for Bb. Pilipinas but got rejected because she was a bit on the heavy side.
  • She once posted a billboard photo of herself on FB claiming that it can be seen in New York.
  •  Grandmother is a lawyer's concubine. Her aunt married a matandang mayaman na madaling mamatay.Her other aunt is an addict while a third one has 5 kids from 3 different men.
  • Mr. Rod Cornejo an ex-GMA executive is her grandparents second cousin.
  • Cedric Lee is her boyfriend and is paying for her condo, car and branded bags.

And in response to Deniece Cornejo's crying wolf, Senyora Santibanez succinctly echoes my  
humor when she said "Hayden paki-rape nga si Deniece tas videohan mo! Pinagpipipilitan eh! Gusto yata masample-an ng gaga!"

However, should Deniece be innocent in all this, I applaud you for your strength and courage. And to you Vhong, now you know what happens to philandering men who gets caught.


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