Maybelline Lip Polish Review

Robinson's Tacloban has always had a paltry cosmetic department. On my search for the perfect shade of lip balm (in2it red preferably which I know is futile in Tacloban regardless if we were hit by Yolanda or not), I chanced upon a few tubes of Maybellline Lip Polish( which is known as Color Elixir in other countries). This is the first time I have seen this in the market so I had to google reviews about the product before buying one. said that it has "the high-shine glassiness of lip gloss, the pigmentation of an average lipstick, and the moisture of lip balm, all without being sticky." Just this one liner description made me purchase one fast.

Most bloggers considers Pop 6 and Glam 6 as their favorites so I decided to buy these shades. Why two? Because I know that these things will run out fast at Robinson's and I'll be left bare lipped until the next stocks come.

Lip Polish on the left is Glam 6 and on the right is Pop 6.

It has a peel off cover. The lipstick shape is the gloss container.

It has a wand inside which is unlike other lip glosses. I even thought it was a mascara wand at first.

Here are the lip gloss swatches on my skin. Pictures are unfiltered and was done using my Samsung S4 on broad daylight. On the left is Pop 6 and on the right is Glam 6.

To get an even pigment, you have to mix the formula first. The only way to do that is to dip the brush in and out several times. I do not recommend doing it regularly because this will surely dry out your lip gloss.

Another tip when using lipstick, lip gloss etc is to buff your lips first using the sides of your tootbrush (works for me) after brushing your teeth. This leaves an even and clean canvas for you to work with.

I just dabbed a small amount on the middle of my lower lip, smacked my lip together and spread it all over. I want my bottles to last long.

This is Glam 6 is purple-ish. I think I will be using this shade on gloomy days with darker clothes.

This one is Pop 6 and just like other bloggers, I think this will become a personal favorite. It is just the right shade of red-not too light and not too vulgar.

Each bottle costs 349Php.

What is your favorite Maybelline Lip Polish?



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