Likey Like?

I've started on one contract with odesk. Hurray for me! All I need to do is get 99 likes for this site . So if you are reading this and you haven't liked this site yet, please like it and leave a message that you did. I also need to take note of the people who liked the site and send those names to the client as proofs.
Last night, I have gotten 33 likes. That is not bad considering that I made it while waiting for my Japanese students at rarejob. Through this "liking" project I have reconnected with old friends. Chatting with old friends are salves to your soul. It is soothing and at times healing.
To those who helped me out, many thanks to you. To those who will help me, I truly appreciate your taking the time and effort.
For you dear self, I am happy that you now found a way to pay your internet bill.


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