Once Upon A Meadow

Yumi had her first (and many more to come) ballet recital with the Veronica Amor School of Dance last night.
Just like any stage mom I fussed over her make up and costume. I placed a red flower on her right temple and a golden sun on her belly button.

First dance was the Once Upon a Meadow. She slept through this part during their general dress rehearsal.

I was afraid she'll get scared but thankfully she fared well. Good job Mayumi! I didn't like their formation though. Yumi was placed behind a taller girl. I had to stretch my neck just to get a glimpse of her.

There was a wardrobe malfunction, her hawaiian bra's flower applique fell off. I had to plug in my glue gun to fix it!
Last night, during her Hawaiian Dance, we saw a glimpse of Yumi's soul. She and Leann were left on stage. She had the option of leaving Leann alone but she still lingered and waited for Leann. It was an effort for such a shy girl.

Yumi and Ina's big grin of relief that all the dances are over!

 I had to dress her up in her tutu for the recognition. She was well behaved throughout!


Mayumi and Mahiyum

  Many thanks to our neighbor and Yumi's playmate, Ate Princess for helping out.

She coached Yumi to always smile and wave! She even helped Yumi get on and off the stage. She made everything easy for me.

Ama was there to take all these wonderful photos of Yumi. 
Nanay Ye, Nanay Yen, Nanay Da and Tita Gwayne were also there.


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