Two Years to Fathom

For two long years I have religiously applied as a staff nurse either here or abroad. I had one close call for Bahrain. On my interview, they asked if I am paid as a volunteer nurse. With all honesty I said no. The interviewer said they only hire nurses with paid experience.

In those two long years I prayed for God to let me study medicine but I still had my reservations. I was at a limbo. I wanted to be a doctor but...I want to be a nurse but...If take up medicine I can...but if I will be a nurse working abroad I will...I was undecided then.

After two years, here I am, headstrong in my decisions and deeply grateful for the support of my Tita's (esp Tita Aline).

Looking back, 2010 was my gap year. The Lord was helping me discern what I want the most. I experienced what it was like to be a real nurse working with a license in the hospital setting. I've been there and done that. Do I still want that life? Yes but I want more.


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