Naughty Knotties

Friendship bracelets are made of threads of different colors and designs. All you need to undergo this project would be strings of different colorsa (at least 1 meter) and a basic know-how on making slip knots.

You give one to a friend as a sign of friendship. You may ask your friend to say a wish before tying it to her wrist. It should never be removed and instead be worn until the threads are frayed. At the moment it falls off, her wish is supposed to come true.

I've remember making friendship bracelets since high school. Each time I make one, I get nostalgic. I remember camping out in Subic Bay and buying a DIY friendship bracelet kit. From that day on, I was hooked.

I stopped making these in college. Now that I have time in my hands I'm starting to tie knots again! The repetitive action is meditative. Thinking of possible designs strays my mind away from the daily stresses of life.

Here are a few of what I have made recently:

It takes me 2-3 days to finish one. I can only make 1 bracelet in a week or else my fingers willl blister!
There was one time that I was able to make a bracelet with the persons name on it. Problem is, the thread was too long and often gets tangled.

These are all for sale at a really cheap price! I say it's cheap because in the internet these fetches for $6. That is roughly 270php. I sell mine for 50php.

The designs I've made are really easy. Right now, I'm surfing for new designs that would challenge me.


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