Daw nasusunog sidsid han langit...

All the hype about the so-called Supermoon the other night left me disappointed. The moon still looked the same to my untrained eyes. I've seen bigger ones before. However, this afternoon just as I woke up from my siesta, I saw the sky painted in an eerie shade.

My friend Larissa whom I grabbed the photo you see at the bottom described it as crimson. I on my tower facing the Cancabato Bay, describes it as orangey. It was beautiful yet at the same time apocalyptic.

Is this related to the Supermoon? I know science will explain this as the refraction of light on dust particles but I do not remember the last time I saw this tint spread across the sky.

grabbed from davemontejo in instagram
According to scientists, clean skies gives more vibrant sunsets! The sky is cleaner today then!
grabbed from Nicole Tansingco
Gazing at the beauty of nature earlier reminded me of a song I used to hear on AM radio when I was a child,

Daw nasusunog, sidsid han langit
Pati an dagat gindadala-it
Bangin ha unhan, may nagkaingin
Nga madlos huyog hinin hangin."


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