REVIEW on Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash

Here is my long awaited review on Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash. 

Proactiv deep cleansing wash is a non-comedogenic wash for face and body. Non-comedogenic products do not clog your pores. this is one thing that you should look for in products that you will apply to your skin. Once your pores are blocked you will have breakouts or else you will have white heads and black heads. Take note that this product i snot just for your face but for your body also. If you have backne and pimples on your chest, this is a safe formulation. (I personally think that anything you can use on your face is safe for the rest of the body. After all, your face has a thinner skin layer.)

 I kept on squeezing my bottle but nothing came out of it. Finally I decided to open it up. Lo and behold a silver foil has kept it well sealed all along. Remember to take this off or else you will suffer the same fate as I did.

Looks like a blue shake or smoothee to me.

I only used a coin-sized amount. The color of the solution is kindda like blue or mint green. I think I am poor with color identification. Anyways, there are also speckles of darker color.

Salicylic acid is one of its major component. Aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid. If you have Aspirin try dissolving it in a small amount of water. You will see that it will turn into granules similar to the ones found in Proactiv.

So here I am rubbing Proactiv on my face. Notice that it doesn't produce much lather.

I let it sit on my face for a few minutes to make the solution do its wonders.

Once you wash out the solution you will feel that it is a bit dry. I just used moisturizer to bring the moisture back to my skin.

I do not have much pimples right now but I use this as a prophylaxis when I've been exposed to dirt and grime or when it is near my period.


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